2014 European Marathon Championships
2014 European Marathon Championships
2014 European Marathon Championships
2014 European Marathon Championships
2014 European Marathon Championships

Course Details

The 2014 European Championships course will push the limits of even the toughest marathon mountain bike riders. The terrain is a mixture of manicured man made single track, wide forest roads and natural rocky paths. 

Distance and Height 

Elite Men - 93km, 2199mtrs 

Elite Women - 75km, 1925mtrs 

Expert, Masters, Vet, Classic Vets - 75km, 1925mtrs

Junior and Fun Race - 23km, 514mtrs


Feed / Tech Zones

There are six combined feed and technical zones. Mechanical assistance is not allowed outside the tech zones. There will be a neutral feed zone at each station which will be stocked with energy drink, water and snacks. Riders wishing to have their bottles delivered to remote feed zones must clearly mark their bottle and deposit it in the correct feed/tech zone box between 08.00 and 09.45 on the morning of event. Please remember to put your race number label (provided at registration) on your bottles. This will save you time when collecting the bottle out on the course. The location of each feed/tech zone will be sign posted from the Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trail Centre to make for easy navigation for team managers wishing to drive to each location. 

Distances as the Feed / Tech zones appear on the course.

  • Feed / Tech Zone 1 - 15km
  • Feed / Tech Zone 2 - 22km
  • Feed / Tech Zone 3 - 48km
  • Feed / Tech Zone 4 - 58km
  • Feed / Tech Zone 5 - 69km
  • Feed / Tech Zone 6 - 83km


The Course Details

The course is made of three loops which pass through the start and finish area, 1- start loop (green) 2- southern loop (purple), 3- northern loop (yellow). The return point for the 75km route is marked by the red arrow. 

European Mountain Bike Marathon Championships Route

The route for the Juniors and Fun race is 23km. This is the green start loop, plus the yellow northern loop as far as the turn around point marked by the red arrow. 

Course Profile

Marathon Championships Profile

GPS Information

We have uploaded the route to Everytrail.com. Download the GPS file here.